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Steve Thomas

Jeff, just adding more appeals cannot be the answer. In the same way that just mailing fewer cannot be the answer. And mailing everyone the same is not the answer. Donors are talking to you through their responses. By interpreting the data, you can mail to the right people, the right ask at the right frequency. For some people that is very frequent for others it is as Mal said once a year. Seat of your pants strategy devoid of analytics is perilous at best.

Mal Warwick

Jeff, I'm disappointed that you didn't qualify this post with at least a few words about segmentation. You can't possibly believe, for example, that it makes sense to mail appeals monthly, or even weekly, to donors who give only once a year, as many do. And do you really believe your clients' interest is best served if you ONLY send solicitations to their donors? Surely, the pathetic direct mail renewal rates saddling so many nonprofits today are largely the result of this sort of behavior, which I regard as abusive.

Jim McLachlan

Net Income the death of a donor file. Jeff you are correct that the more you mail the more the net. However there are unintended consequences in many cases. Too much mail to a number of a charity's donors (not all) reduces retention, causing a greater need for net loosing acquisition. End result: Fewer donor to donate and increase net loss with greater acquisition...a double whammy.

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