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Kate D.

I've enjoyed your series on stupid non-profit ads. You frequently mention readability as a Good Thing. Yet, you use a font for your headings that is quite unreadable, e.g. the C looks like an L, the N looks reversed (is it?). And the extremely tight kerning makes it worse. I think maybe you are falling in the "cute and arty" trap yourself. But I love your content (and icons) and think your site performs a great service.


On the contrary. But perhaps this discussion demonstrates that even in the world of evidence-based communication practice, there is still much room for the subjective response.

Jeff Imparato

It does look like something out of Monty Python, and thus diminishes its effectiveness.


This rant reinforces the theory that "any press is good press." Thanks Frances for visiting our website.

Dan Hutson

I've gotta agree with Jeff on this one. It's beautifully designed and executed, and grabs your attention, but the main message and call to action are weak at best.

Even just a line or two that captures who Evergreen is would be nice. The "crazy folk" imagery makes me think of stereotypical crazy green movement people, not just plain folk like me who care about the environment but maybe aren't putting action to belief.

And if the ONLY purpose is to drive traffic to their website, I'd like to see the quantitative data that shows it's been successful. Anyone at Evergreen care to share?


I have to say something here. Most of the time you are right on, but, ALAS, not this time. I think the abstraction and the wackiness is exactly what's doing the work here--and, no, I don't work for the agency that created it. Besides, we're talking about it, and you picked it up, right?

The image IS weird, but works at the level of dehabituation. The rough paper is part of the overall piece too. Maybe the call isn't as clear as you'd expect but it's really designed to drive traffic to their site, which it does.

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