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Amy Kincaid

Thanks for sharing your list. These are some of the blogs we follow for Resource Roundup. Hadn't discovered forimpact yet, and looks like we share similar perspective on fundraising leadership.

Amanda Jarman

Hi Jeff! I heard you were compiling a list of fundraising-related blogs, and felt compelled to share mine: Fundraising Nerd, www.amandajarman.net. It's not always about fundraising: sometimes it's just about nerdy stuff. Sometimes it's just about fundraising. But mostly it's about nerdy fundraising. Check it out! --Amanda

Kevin Johnson

I really enjoy your list and have forwarded the link to colleagues. I have been publishing a newsletter for some years now and recently started a blog on fundraising trends and issues. The link is: http://growingsocialprofit.blogspot.com/. My intent is to focus on strategy and decision making in regards to fundraising and growing social profit groups. Let me know if I am succeeding.


Here's a link to my blog, Notes for Nonprofits, which deals with marketing and communication for nonprofits. http://notesfornonprofits.blogspot.com

Robert Rosenthal

Thanks for including Freaking Marketing. Hearts and minds, baby!


I am trying to find out the rules and regulations and even tips and tricks about how to fundraise for a personal cause.. The cause is NOT a 501 3(c) organization.. Its not the "typical" cause like cancer and all of that.. This will be a temporary thing that I need to raise funds for.

I am trying to raise funds to help get my peg legged dog a prosthetic because he needs it, and without getting too long winded.. We had the money set aside and my husband lost his job.. NOW, i know that people will be skeptical. My vet gave us a letter signed by him to post about the problem, we have LOTS of pictures, and will offer reference phone numbers for people to call and question..

My question is.. With this type of fundrasing.. Are there any resources out there for temporary free or cheap hosting?? Or help with websites??

I do web design as a hobby, but the hosting gets expensive.. I just need a little help with the rules and what i can actually DO.

Is there a temp status as a funcrasier???

Sam Thomas

Hello Jeff

Thanks for a really comprehensive list. I work for a charity called YouthNet and I reckon we should be on your list!

See what you think: www.youthnet.org/blog


Howard Lake

Thank you, Jeff, for sharing that Bloglines list of fundraising-related blogs. The best collection I've seen for a long time.

May I add another 20 or so blogs that are published on UK Fundraising (www.fundraising.co.uk)? All of them focus on fundraising in some way.

You can see the list of bloggers at


and the latest combined list of posts is at




Whoops, I posted that twice (still haven't finished my coffee)...my apologies!


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to connect/network! I am focusing on what the next generation of fundraising will look like, as we all know that fundraising is no longer a text book field.


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