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Sandy Rees

I've seen better ads for foodbanks. I'm sure this will get some folks' attention.

I disagree with you on one point - food IS a luxury for some people, particularly now. In some families with budgets stretched to the limit, job losses are forcing more and more people to seek emergency food help.

Noah Kippley-Ogman

I've been reading your blog (& appreciating your insights about bad advertising, among other things) for a couple of years. This is the first time I've disagreed.

I really liked these ads and, coincidentally, was motivated to give (via my cell phone) on the bus this morning! Now, I know ads that work on me aren't gonna necessarily work for the masses, but this one worked really well on me.

John Lepp

Another classic Jeff. Thanks for sharing. Fortunately (and unfortunately as well) for people like us, there is no shortage of stupid ads and campaigns created by commercial agencies.

Steve Cunningham

Jeff - couldn't agree more. They got production values when they really needed engagement. Reminds me of a post of yours from a while back comparing two YouTube videos - engagement and authenticity always trump production values.


I always love your stupid non-profit ads, thanks!

Jonathon Grapsas

There is a simple reason Jeff why ad agencies will do this sort of stuff: to win awards! Disturbing, but true.

This makes me cringe watching his ad. But I'm glad you posted it. This sort of things happen all too often in every country I have woked in, namely Australia, the UK and now North America.


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