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Ted Grigg

Very well said Leanne.

The assumption that large demographic group motivators change with age somehow sounds simplistic and downright wrong.

My parents have always wanted to help others because it makes them feel useful and happy. That was true in their 20s and remains true in their 80s. The motivators do not morph into something different as one ages.

It is also true that years tend to make people more discerning and selective about what they support based on the many experiences that age brings.

My copy varies based on the experience base of the audience. But the "important factors" Jeff is referring to remain constant even crossing cultural lines.


Is it just me or does everyone else feel they need to take a shower after reading this?

Do I get that different groups are attracted to different approaches? Sure.

Do I think this is something that frequently gets taken advantage of? You betcha.

Do I believe that, "Getting an understanding of this will be one of the most important factors in the success of fundraising in the next few years."?

Heck no.

Now, more than ever, I am convinced fundraising is about partnering and serving the needs and interests of our donors as much as it is about serving our target population.

People are starved for connection; seniors especially. Either we acknowledge that and seek ways to honorably and appropriately engage them......as individuals, or we continue to follow the latest marketing scheme...............at everyone's expense.

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