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Kivi Miller

Now if only we had a plethora of writers in the nonprofit sector that didn't start out writing boring, dry, and mechanical copy!


Touche. Or to say it in a more lively manner: Oh snap!

Having been both writer and editor, there is a fine line. Editors need to allow writers to speak in their own voice. But writers also need to understand that editors are trying to make sure the prose is clear, accurate, and precise. If poor grammar and confusing sentence structure are getting the way of understanding your amazing metaphors--I don't care how great it is, it needs to be changed. Ideally, there would be communication between editor and writer. Therefore, instead of changing a sentence to say what I think it means, I can ask the writer to explain what he/she meant to me, and then offer suggestions.


How refreshing! Speaking as someone who has had perfectly good verbs transformed into yuk words like "utilize", it is nice to hear someone defend writing. After all, when you start calling "writing" "copy", you are often using the other definition of "copy".

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