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Danielle Hamilton

Connecting to the heart keeps the donor coming back. Mindless transactions do nothing to increase donations in the future, or turn a one time donor into a lifelong giver.

The heartstrings are connected to the purse-strings. Make the emotional connection, and the wallets and purses will open time and again.


Alistair Heron

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of this posting. Getting people involved in the exciting elements of what your charity does and making them feel an important part of your 'mission' does wonders for future income growth. And it's not "one size fits all", find out what each supporter (or realistically supporter 'segment') wants to hear about/do for you and give them more of it.

I really don't like pedantic semantics (other than the fact that it rhymes!), but in my opinion the label of 'donor' belies a negative attitude to the very people who make your charity work possible. A "donor" is somebody you 'exploit' (albeit in the softer sense of the word), whereas a "supporter" is somebody that you have a constructive relationship with.... Given that the Third Sector prides itself on having more human values than the "big, bad commercial world", I've always found it odd that we refer to the people who give us their time and money (and sometimes heart and soul)as 'donors'. Personally I think it's a symptom of the drive towards professionalism which is a good thing overall- so long as we don't blunt our appeal with bland, meaningless jargon.


I had a great comment to a post that I thought related here. Donors want to be a part of a relationship with the organization not just a transaction.

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