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Danielle Hamilton

Longer letter = better? Is this still true?

I think this will definitely start to change. I received only 2 direct mail pieces from charities in yesterday's mail. The ASPCA's 2 full pages (double sided) lost me 1/2 way down the first page. It's not that I'm lazy, or disinterested in their cause (animals are my passion!)... but, I'm busy! With kids, dinner, practices, etc.... you'd better grab me with more than a dull diatribe. It seemed like their same format from the late '90s with Astro the dog without water.

I wonder if the fast paced lifestyle of the times will change the response rates in the near future. How many of us barely give a cursory glance at the onslaught of postal mail or e-mail these days?

Jeremy Gregg

Great piece! I blogged it.

Jeremy Gregg, Editor
The Raiser's Razor

Jeff Brooks

Not necessarily short. In response testing, long letters almost always out-pull shorter letters. This may be one of the things that will change with the generational change of donors. But the old wisdom that you can beat your control by adding one more page to the letter is still largely true.


Great Post. I totally agree. I think too many nonprofits do the same thing with our solicitation letters http://www.asmallchange.net/?p=31. Things should be short and simple... engage the donor in a conversation... learn about who they are and why they give to your organization http://www.asmallchange.net/?p=33

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