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Craig Weinrich

This is fabulous, and I'm borrowing some ideas for our scorecard(not online yet).

Is it me, or is 78% of revenue coming from investments rather high? Am I reading that wrong?

Joe Miller

Maxwell Anderson and his team are doing a truly wonderful job of transforming and improving the IMA. The sharing of so much information with the public, donors and other interested parties is part of this truly wonderful transformation. Making it so easy, with their 'Dashboard', is right on.

steve cunningham

Jeff - great post. I think there are a couple of things going on that makes what IMA is doing "bang on".

The balance of power in media control is shifting from the advertisers/non-profits to the consumers/donors. This now means we have even LESS time to make an impression on the potential donors who know nothing about us (the old 30 seconds is now more like 5).

However, because people now have the ability to filter these messages, they are now be able to spend MORE time with the products/causes they find meaningful to them. And if the IMA creates meaning for me, I WILL find those stats interesting and spend time with them.

SO, the job of creating meaning in people's lives is getting even harder, but for those who get it right a much more meaningful and deeper relationship is available than ever before.

Would love to hear your thoughts...

Nancy E. Schwartz

Love it, Jeff. I credit IMA for crafting a dashboard -- it's a must to convey nonprofit marketing value, and other value, for internal audiences -- and to use it in such a creative way with its community. Such stats are a new component of messaging, now that transparency is a must. IMA has done a stellar job of conveying stats in a way that's meaningful and easy to digest for its supporters.

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